The Art of Shadows

The second novel in The Marradith Ryder Series is now available for pre-order.


Check out a snippet here:

I saw a dead man today.

This morning, he stood beneath a tree in my back yard, arms crossed, and eyes glowing. The rain didn’t touch him, but I could see it falling all around him. The sun moved behind the clouds and lit his ethereal frame.  He put a finger to his lips. Shhhhh. There are no words, but I feel his pain. It’s always with me.  I was with him when he died, six months ago. He took a part of my being with him that can’t be replaced. Perhaps that’s why he comes only to me.

Then he was gone, just as suddenly as he came, leaving behind nothing but the sound of the wind and rain and the house settling around me.


Fantastical Fiction

Here’s an interview by Gwendolyn Kiste:


Fantastical Fiction: Interview with Lori Titus

The Bell House

The Bell House is now available as an audio book on Audible, I-Tunes and Amazon!

If you’re interested in a free copy, please message me, and I can give you a special discount code.  I have 25 copies to give away, so first come, first serve!