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Sometimes you hear a story that sounds so fictional it can’t be anything else but real. This is one of those cases:

Everything is Everything

What’s found in space turns up in biology as well.

See the link below:

Dark Energy

I want to write something.

But this is one of those nights that just doesn’t seem to be happening. I have a couple of¬†things I’ve already started that need completion.

The muse is fickle. And bitchy. When I’m feeling like this, I usually take a break and look for something to fuel my imagination.

I came across the term dark energy, a separate phenomena from dark matter. Click the link below to see how much of space is taken up by this enigma:

Not just another day in the neighborhood

If you live next door to a pretty girl named Asa who likes to jog, you may want to think about moving.

Understand that Asa tends to draw out some dangerous types.

On the other hand, if something bad does happen, Asa is most likely to save your life.

What am I talking about? Jim Bronyaur’s new series, PULSATE, on Flashes in the Dark.

PULSATE gets a new episode posted every Thursday. If you need to start her story, or catch up, you can read from her page here:

The Coldest Place

Check out this article about clusters in space:

Where Time Stands Still

Black holes are so mysterious that they can’t even be quantified by physics. There is talk that in some parts of a black hole, time may not exist! How is that for mind bending? See the link below:

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