Regine Sawyer’s Eating Vampires

A world where vampires are not the apex predator, with a little black girl at its center. Meet creator Regine Sawyer:


New Video Interview

Check out this recent interview! Thanks again to Rasheedah Prioleau for having me. You can see the video here, and subscribe to her channel:



Graeme Reynolds is one of my all time favorite indie authors. He’s got a flair all his own. No one else can give you stories about people frozen statue still with terror, evil priests, vicious werechickens, and a dead wife with a vendetta like Graeme can.

He’s finishing up the final touches on his first novel, HIGH MOOR, and Tonia and I had him on the show this weekend to talk about the proccess behind his writing.

Listen to the show here:

Keep up with Graeme’s updates on his novel, short stories and other projects here:


Richard Godwin on Flashes in the Dark Radio

It’s always fun to talk to authors, and Richard Godwin is one in particular that I am thrilled to interview. Not only is he an excellent author in his own right (including novels, plays, crime noir, horror, and some work that crosses the spaces between) but he’s known for the insightful, in-depth interviews that he gives on his site, Chin Wag at the Slaughterhouse.

Take a look at The Slaughterhouse here:

Apostle Rising on

And check out our show on Flashes in the Dark Radio: