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While gets an upgrade from my friend and technical/marketing/editing guru, Tony Smith, many other things are brewing …

First off, on the internet radio side: Tonia Brown and I are host to author Rebecca Hamilton of The Forever Girl Series very soon.

We also will have an interview with another author, and I’ll tell you who she is when we solidify a date.  Paranormal fans,want a hint? How about the word: Dulcie?

Also, Victorya and I should have a new episode of That’s F*cked Up. We took a breather to get some things sorted. Not to worry, we have plenty to talk about!

Marradith #2 has been driving me to distraction, and guess what happened? Up pops up the prologue for the third installment. I may have to write out of order for a bit. Hmmmmm.

And speaking of writing, I am writing a lot, but on different things.  At this rate I’m surprised the characters are not bleeding into my dreams, but I’m glad to get them on paper and out of my head.

Along with Rebecca’s novel,  The Forever Girl which you can find here:  ,  I am also reading Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone: .

What are you guys reading this summer? And for my writer friends, what are you working on?


A new short story on Flashes in the Dark:

Talk that Talk

Hello, it has been a while….!

There are updates all around.

Flashes in the Dark Radio (with Tonia Brown and I) has a new website.  Our new home will not only feature our author interview show, but a second show that focuses on current events with an irreverent spin called That’s F*cked Up with co-host Victorya Chase.

You can find the new site here:

Now, for Flashes in the Dark Ezine! We’re a little slower than usual with our turn around times, but we’re still happy to take submissions. Over the next few weeks I will be clearing up our backlog.

Want some quick reads? Check in here:

I have four writing projects on the burner.  There are two of these that are with another author, and for now I have been sworn to secrecy about them. Of course, there is Marradith.  And another story that was just started off this weekend. So my proverbial plate is full.

Thank you so much for continuing to support both the ezine and the interview shows.  And here’s to producing great new things to add to your e-reader or bookshelf!



Marradith Ryder Hits #1 On Muse’s Success

Muse’s Success is a listing of online web novels. They catalog, rate, and list reviews for serialized fiction online. Their goal is to help readers find quality reading material online without having to use search engines to do it.

Marradith Ryder has been listed with them for quite a while, but it wasn’t until recently that I found out the series is rated number one in both horror and suspense.

You can have a look at all the stories listed here:


Graeme Reynolds is one of my all time favorite indie authors. He’s got a flair all his own. No one else can give you stories about people frozen statue still with terror, evil priests, vicious werechickens, and a dead wife with a vendetta like Graeme can.

He’s finishing up the final touches on his first novel, HIGH MOOR, and Tonia and I had him on the show this weekend to talk about the proccess behind his writing.

Listen to the show here:

Keep up with Graeme’s updates on his novel, short stories and other projects here:



A new write up on Flashes in the Dark Ezine!


It’s always great when you come across a new (and positive) review of your work! Since Marradith Ryder is an ongoing story, I always wonder if people are still keeping up with her, or if the readers on the site are newbies who have not read her story before.  Either way, I’m always glad to know that someone is reading.

See the latest review from The Web Fiction Guide here:

Two Years… Are You Serious?

It’s been almost two years exactly since I picked up the baton from Tony Smith and started as editor for Flashes in the Dark.

I knew there was some kind of anniversary this month, and couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. After checking my calendar a couple of times, I went onto the site and checked the date.

Yes, two years.

I think of it as a big achievement, not just for me personally, but for all the writers and readers that have graced our site during this time.  I have seen people grow, move on, go forward, and I am always happy to think that maybe I had some small part of that. Everyone needs that proverbial pat on the back. Or just a place for others to hear their voice as a writer. I remember the first time someone ran one of my stories. It was an awesome feeling!

I had someone write me recently and ask if it was a coincidence that many authors on the site are friends of mine on Facebook. It’s absolutley not. I friend a lot of the authors that have appeared on Flashes, and many have become more than passing acquaintances through that connection.

I do have plans for the future. A possible anthology, maybe an additional series other than Marradith or Asa. But that can wait. The main thing that we’ll do is continue to look for stories that entertain the readers, and shake the dust off as many unknown, unread stories as possible. We love to give you guys a good shiver.

I remember very clearly how I found managing the site to be difficult – as far as technical bells and whistles–and how Tony tutored me through the process. Now I can do it with my eyes closed. I’m always checking in on the site, and can’t go more than a few hours without reading comments or looking through new submissions.

It’s become a part of my life and routine, and hope that it’s a part of yours as well. 

Thanks so much for reading.


©2011 Lori Titus

A Little Town called Chrysalis

Pembroke Sinclair interviewed me on her blog. We talked about Green Water Lullaby, and my upcoming releases for Fall. Go get the skinny on the book’s publication and new Marradith updates:

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