Two Years… Are You Serious?

It’s been almost two years exactly since I picked up the baton from Tony Smith and started as editor for Flashes in the Dark.

I knew there was some kind of anniversary this month, and couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. After checking my calendar a couple of times, I went onto the site and checked the date.

Yes, two years.

I think of it as a big achievement, not just for me personally, but for all the writers and readers that have graced our site during this time.  I have seen people grow, move on, go forward, and I am always happy to think that maybe I had some small part of that. Everyone needs that proverbial pat on the back. Or just a place for others to hear their voice as a writer. I remember the first time someone ran one of my stories. It was an awesome feeling!

I had someone write me recently and ask if it was a coincidence that many authors on the site are friends of mine on Facebook. It’s absolutley not. I friend a lot of the authors that have appeared on Flashes, and many have become more than passing acquaintances through that connection.

I do have plans for the future. A possible anthology, maybe an additional series other than Marradith or Asa. But that can wait. The main thing that we’ll do is continue to look for stories that entertain the readers, and shake the dust off as many unknown, unread stories as possible. We love to give you guys a good shiver.

I remember very clearly how I found managing the site to be difficult – as far as technical bells and whistles–and how Tony tutored me through the process. Now I can do it with my eyes closed. I’m always checking in on the site, and can’t go more than a few hours without reading comments or looking through new submissions.

It’s become a part of my life and routine, and hope that it’s a part of yours as well. 

Thanks so much for reading.


©2011 Lori Titus

8 thoughts on “Two Years… Are You Serious?

  1. I still recall the very first day Tony launched FitD. It was so exciting! Flashes was one of the first sites to publish my work. It has my eternal devotion. Lori, you have done an outstanding job of editing and maintaining what I consider to be the best horror flash fiction site on the internet. You’re also an incredibly gracious encouragement to writers. You are the first writer I ever befriended in the virtual blogosphere, and in that, you will always hold a special place in my heart. I know I appreciate all the promoting you’ve done for my work and the feedback you’ve given to me over the years. Besides being a genuine fan of your work, I’m also a huge fan of your kind and generous spirit. I wish you continued success in all that you do. Have a happy horror anniversary!

  2. I’m glad you could take the little site I started on a whim and turn it into something so cool! Turning Flashes over to you was the best decision I ever made.

  3. Lori, congrats on your two year anniversary with Flashes in the Dark. Angel introduced me to your site. You were one of the first editors to accept my work that had been rejected multiple times for being ‘too out there’. With your encouragement and the support of others, I realized nonconformity with plot and structure was okay! Even though in the long run it means more rejection slips. Thank you for not only your encouragement and support, but also your friendship and example. I truly admire you and feel so blessed to know you. Lots of love to you and to the success of FitD. xx

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