A Case of Real

Real life sucks.

Let’s face it, that’s the reason we (grownups) do things for fun. Movies, sports, hobbies of any sort usually have one thing in common. It’s a distraction from all the little things we have to do: pay bills, work, wash, repeat.

I have noticed that a lot of people (myself included) have had issues of late getting things balanced out. Work, play, obligations, family.  It happens.

One thing to remember is that there are going to be those times when you just have to start from scratch. Best intentions, hard work, and good planning works most of the time, but there are still those instances when things don’t go smoothly.

What can you do? Breathe. Pray. Plan.

Meanwhile? Life goes forward, and while there may be problems simmering in the background, those cannot be the focus. Make sure you have some happiness, even with the tears. Have a smile. Remember good things, even if they do hurt. And don’t beat yourself up because things are not perfect.

Keep going.


©2011 Lori Titus



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