Hailey’s Shadow on Barnes & Noble

It’s been quite a process for this novella.

There was a change of publisher, a different cover, but the story remains the same.

It started off as a possible submission for an anthology. I’d read online about a contest that was centered around stories with characters in a hospital. They asked for as much blood and gore as possible to fulfill the horror aspect.

The more I thought about it, I decided that this particular anthology was not for me. I don’t mind blood and gore if it is integral to a story, but I have worked in too many medical centers to want to go there.

Instead, I started thinking about writing about a woman who people perceived as being mentally unstable.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend in 2008, I was flipping through channels and noticed that there were several movies on about demon posession.

There was a time when mental illness was thought to be manifestation of posession by an evil spirit. Science has taught us that there are many things that effect the human psyche, that can alter the way one experiences reality.

That weekend, I came up with the nugget of an idea that Hailey’s Shadow is spun around. If someone were tortured by entities, something unseen: whether one describes them as ghosts, demons, or something else, how would you ever convince anyone of your claims? And what would happen to you if you failed?

This story answers that question. I hope you’ll take a look at Hailey’s Shadow here:   http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/haileys-shadow-lori-titus/1104085261?ean=2940012808165&itm=1&usri=hailey%2bs%2bshadow

Here’s a review from earlier this year:  http://doubleshotreviews.com/2011/02/19/haileys-shadow-by-lori-titus/


©2011 Lori Titus


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