Dark Magick by Stacey Thompson-Geer and Stevie Trinity

Dark Magick is a world with a different kind of apocalypse.

The “gateways” between universes have been opened, letting through all kinds of magical beings, monsters, and…things which have never been seen before in the normal world. There are evil entities and groups at work, who want to control the gates to keep power over the devestated populace.

The story is told from the perspective of two best friends, Lynn and Rhea. Lynn is a fighter, and Rhea is the appointed healer of their band of survivors. While they often clash, their abiding friendship for each other and love for their families inform all their decisions.

Endowed with special powers by the Goddess, the pair resolve to close the “gateways” and return the world to a semblance of normalcy. Along with the assistance of other survivors, they search for a young witch who may be the key to locking the gateways forever.

The story is fast paced and action filled. Authors Thompson-Geer and Trinity manage to balance the tension with drama, romance, and even a light touch of humor. Dark Magick is a book you won’t forget, a great kick off for a suspense filled series.

©2011 Lori Titus



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