Summer Reading

Here are some stories that are perfect for summer:

Running Blind is the first in a series by Nicki J. Markus.  Time travel, romance, and magic sound good? Then this is right up your alley. Parts 1-3 are already available on Amazon, and the fourth installment will be available any day.  See more about it here: 

While Tonia Brown fans are awaiting the release of The Cold Beneath,  this is a good time to catch up on Lucky Stiff for those that haven’t already. Don’t let the erotic aspect put you off; this is a story with heart, love, and drama.  Find out about the book here:

You don’t get more down and dirty than Heinous, Jonathan Moon’s latest release:  Find out why this character haunted Moon for so long, and what he’s up to now that he’s been unleashed…

Never one to promote his own stuff too heavilly, I stumbled upon this little gem by Tony Schaab. Known for The G.O.R.E Score, Schaab is an author in his own right.   Take a look:

Crystal Connor will be on Flashes in the Dark Radio next week. Catch up on her award winning novel,  The Darkness : Betrayal and deception abound!

Zombie Killer Bill is a western with a zombie twist by E.M MacCallum. You can find her book here:

And here’s a quick plug for my books, Lazarus and Green Water Lullaby:







One thought on “Summer Reading

  1. That’s quite a list, Lori! I have, as you know, already read Greenwater Lullabies, loved it (again, you know that already), and the same is true of Lazurus. Tonia’s Lucky Stiff is so tempting, I love her writing and I don’t mind the erotica part at all. I’ll admit I was put off by the zombie-erotica combination. I’ll work on getting over that. Now, that time travel series sounds fascinating, so that’s going on my read list. I hope it’s available in Nook form, because I’m addicted to that little machine. Anyway, thanks for posting the list, a good one!
    (aka Lou Sylvre

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