Marradith, Darkly

February 2012 sounds impossibly far away.

On the other hand, it feels like this year has flown past us at lightening speed.  I’m excited about this novella and it’s going to feel like a long wait until it’s release next year!

I wrote the first draft of this novella in about four weeks. I stopped writing Marradith episodes for the website until I was nearly finished.

A storyline about Rafael’s past lead to an idea about choices and parallel universes.  What would have happened if Rafael had a bigger part in the lives of Marradith’s family than before?  What if her parents died?  What if Justin never became a Sojourner?

The answers to these questions became the starting ground for  Marradith, Darkly.   Readers of the web-serial will enjoy the juxtaposition of characters and themes.  New readers will also enjoy this world that centers around a young woman with deadly powers and questionable morals. This story exists outside the timeline of the web series, so you don’t have to know anything about it to follow the novella.

I am back to writing the online Marradith. I just completed the episode for June 15th, so I have my one month cushion as usual.

I have two anthologies I have been invited to, but can’t give details about those yet. My project for this weekend will be to get the first one completed and ready for edits. I have an idea that’s been tickling my brain for the last couple hours that may just do the job.

Meanwhile, you can always read The Marradith Ryder Series on the website :


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