The Book Basket

I bought a lot of books some months back, and inherited a ton more from a friend of mine who was purging her book collection. Other than a few books I just couldn’t wait for, and books that are on the market from other writer friends or interview subjects, I haven’t splurged on a good pile of fiction in a while.

So, this weekend, I decided to have a little treat. It’s not my ten deep of books I usually purchase , but hey, you have to start somewhere.

My Blood Approves: By Amanda Hocking

I’m pretty late to jump on this bandwagon, but I’d just added this novel to my cart a week before Hocking, an independently published author, signed for a $2 million dollar contract. Score! You have to admire anyone that can accomplish that feat.

Autumn, The City: By David Moody

Moody is going to be on Flashes in the Dark Radio show on April 10th, so I’m reading up. Moody is known for pushing the boundaries of zombie lore.

To Kill A Warlock: Dulcie O’Neil Series: By H.P Mallory
Another indie author, I read about Mallory through a friend’s blog and have been wanting to snag a copy of it ever since.

Hungry for You: By A.M Harte

Zombie stories with a romantic twist! Anna has been a friend of mine through Facebook for a while now. I first read her posts on ErgoFiction, and since then we have kept up with each other. Though she was kind enough to provide an ARC, I want to enjoy opening a physical copy of her book.

I will post reviews for all of these books as I read them.


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