Green Water Lullaby: A Town called Chrysalis

Green Water Lullaby will be out on March 25th, 2011.

I couldn’t be happier about it. GWL is a book of short stories, all taking place in the fictional town of Chrysalis, South Carolina.

The stories are varied. All have some paranormal twist, but at the heart of it are stories about the citizens of the town: couples, families, and things that happen in their lives, which are only normal on the surface. Everyone has a secret of some sort in this town, and some prove deadly….

You’ll find revenge tales, love stories, ghost stories.

I hope to have an update for you on Hailey’s Shadow soon, as well.

Meanwhile, the first draft of Leny’s story is complete and being allowed to cool for revisions. As of this morning I am 11K into my new project, another Ryder related story that will be a novel/novella, depending on how many words get across my keyboard. I usually like to post bits here, but for now I intend to keep this one close to the vest.


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