Things About Barbara Titus

She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and  shares her birthdate, October 9th, with one of her great-nieces.

In high school, she learned archery and was good enough to be considered for competition on a national team.

Favorite bands? Nirvana and Green Day. But she also listened to everything from classical to pop, and believed that keeping up with whatever was current kept you from getting old and stuck in your ways.

She encouraged the kid who lived above her apartment to keep practicing Guns’n’Roses on his guitar, even though he sucked in the beginning. She was happy to congratulate him when he finally nailed “Sweet Child ‘o Mine.”

She had two daughters, both of whom she inspired to write.

When she was about twelve, she decided to cut her hair into a short pixie style to get the Mormon boy from her neighborhood to stop flirting with her. She said it worked.

She said that she daydreamed a lot as a girl, and it was always about clothes. That gave her the desire to learn to design, sew, and tailor clothes, which later became her profession.

She hated mean spirited-people, small minded people, and anything that ended with an “-ism” or a “-phobia”.

She said that after her first date with a man named Sam, he sent her red roses. Her feeling? Ah, he’s okay. She said by date three, she liked him a lot. By date four, they were making plans for elopement. The next date was with the justice-of-the peace.

When she was a little girl, she had an orange tabby named Skippy. When he died, she went out and bought a new orange tabby, and proudly named him Skippy II.

In fact, Barbara was very much a pet person. She had dogs too, and could tell you stories about them. I remember the one about Jigs, the family mutt who learned to open a screen door by himself and understood how to obey traffic signals.

She was fascinated by astronomy and loved to read up on the latest theories about the planets, stars, etc.

She loved horror, especially B-movies.  If a story didn’t contain space travel, magic, shifting dimensions, witches, or at least a saavy psychic, she probably thought it was boring. Unless it was a soap opera, which she said were good for comedic value.

Favorite shows? Twilight Zone, Quantum Leap, Bewitched, X-Files, Night Gallery, Buffy, Angel, and Medium.

And yes, she taught me everything.

I miss you, Mama.


©2011 Lori Titus




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