Wild & Crazy Werepig

While chatting with my co-host Tonia Brown, she wondered aloud if we could snare Gregory Hall into an interview. Low and behold, a couple quick emails later, we’re scheduled to talk to him this Sunday! (March 13th,  3PM PST/6PM EST–and double check your clock, because it’s the start of daylight savings time).

Here’s the link where you can find our show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/flashes-in-the-dark-radio/2011/03/13/gregory-hall-from-the-funky-werepig

Below is Mr. Hall’s bio (which he sent to us). Enjoy:

“I was a standup comic and stage performer for over 20 yrs. An award winning producer and writer for the stage and several forgotten TV projects and films. I once strangled a hobo with his own socks and left him for dead in a Dumpster. I did a lot of work for Autism Awareness including the annual Baltimore Comedy Fest (the proceeds all went for research). Before horror I was probably most known for my long running trend setting improv troupe (Early Monday Morning Show). I taught acting/comedy/improv for years and years. I took the Olsen Twins virginity. Twice. I used to run a popular horror site called Choate Road. I wrote a book called ‘At the End of Church Street’ that got some nods with the Stokers. The beard is fake. I am a woman. I recently put out an anthology called OLD SCHOOL that has Louise Bohmer, David Dunwoody and Zombie Zak in it. I also do a show called the Funky Werepig that does okay and is probably what I’m best known for nowadays.”


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