Just a Bite

The latest wip is my story about Leny (Lenora), Marradith Ryder’s mother. This is a snippet from one of the supporting characters:

Emma had given me a set of volumes called The Book of the Others. I read bits and pieces, but the thing was huge. It was like trying to absorb all the information in an entire encyclopedia. I knew what I needed to about vampires. I’d never met a Wolf, but I skimmed through that section briefly. It was the book dedicated to demons, and their various categories, that interested me. There were thousands of categories, and each mix a demon made with another breed was considered a separate race unto itself. Earthbound, hell-bound, ethereal, flesh seekers, heat parasites; those were only the major categories that I could remember. Before I was changed, I thought there was nothing that could arouse more fear than a vampire.

Now I know better.



©2011 Lori Titus


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