Rebuilding the Past

I have taken off some time from Marradith Ryder to write about someone else in the Ryder family. Marradith’s mother, Nora.

It’s been an interesting project. I already had Nora’s early life mapped out in skeleton form, so that I knew all the major events and how they related to her daughter’s life. What’s been surprising is filling in the nuances, the breaks, the subtle things that would later shape her personality.

I’m rebuilding her, so to speak. Twenty two year old Nora (who didn’t go by that name at the time) was single. She hadn’t met Marradith’s father yet. And she has all kinds of problems, including an absentee father and a boyfriend whom she has a very dysfunctional relationship with.

Oh, and that’s before we even talk about her mother. Or the abilities that Nora has. For those of you that have been reading Marradith’s story, you’ll get a better understanding of how some of her abilities were passed down through the family line. She’s a harder person than Marradith is, and now that I’m writing about Nora, I see why she would have went to all lengths to protect her kids from some of the things that happened to her…


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