The Daughters of Warring

How do these things happen?

I signed on for Jim Bronyaur’s #12Days of Christmas project. I started off with the skeleton of a story in mind. A young girl, a Reverend’s daughter, is accused of witchcraft in 1698. Later than most of the documented cases of witchcraft, but not later than the very last.

It sounds like an odd idea—a looming holiday as a girl waits for execution-but not quite as twisted as it sounds.

This short story grew too long for #12Days, so I decided to post it on Flashes in the Dark. Readers will get a chance to see it while we’re still in the holiday season. Let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, I am writing another story which will go to 12 Days. I just have to watch that word count…..


3 thoughts on “The Daughters of Warring

  1. It is an odd idea (and yes, funny how these things grow). Love it. Please let me know when its up at FitD, Lori. I’d love to raed. And yay you are in 12 days. I look forward to that story too.

  2. Great idea Lori! I just read the first installment and loved it. The late 1600’s were at the end of the Burning Times, but I believe the last execution in Europe was around 1705.

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