Books to Look for!

It’s November, and like it or not, the holiday season is creeping up on us. What can you do about that? Not much. But in the meantime, you can pick up some stocking stuffers, or at least lose yourself for a few minutes between the pages of a good book:

Check out the novel adaption of Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brook’s Strange Little Band available here :
“Strange Little Band is an engrossing love/hate story set in the heart of a cold-hearted megacorp. … Shane, an alien half-breed, and Addison, a psychic, are themselves both the players and the played in the elaborate game the Triptych Corporation is playing. … Neither Addison nor Shane are likeable people, and yet, living their lives vicariously through the story, they become sympathetic characters: they’re well-written, believable, and engaging.”

Lyn Thorne-Alder , author of Addergoole


“Jonathan Moon is a self-styled ‘horrorcore’ writer. Let that name bounce around your head for a moment then look at the cover of the book. Do I really need to say that the stories inside are on the bizarre side? Recently there has been a big push toward the ‘bizarro’ genre and one would think this book is as well, what with stories that take place in assisted living homes and deal with Alzheimer’s to the running stories in Grasshopper Season. One of my favorite stories is called Owing Ira about a man who helps out his neighbor but ends up getting in to much more than he bargained for when he sees something he shouldn’t have. “ —Timothy W. Long, author of The Zombie Wilson Diaries

Jonathan Moon has declared 12/12/10 to be Mr. Moon’s Nightmare’s- All- Day -Day, but you can get a jump on him and purchase his book now. The stories here range from tender to gruesome, but all have a heart-rendering beauty to them.  You can order here:      


Shevaughn Robinson has a lot of pressure on her since becoming Portsborough, New York’s first African-American female detective. Her job becomes even more challenging when she starts investigating a series of horrific murders. Unbeknownst to Shevaughn, the killer has his eyes set not only on his victims, but on her as well. Shevaughn also has to deal with an investigative reporter named Tony O’Brien who is getting way too close for comfort. Tony may get more than he bargained for when he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a criminal investigation. It’s a race against time as Shevaughn tries to catch the Ace of Hearts killer before he claims another victim. —

Ace of Hearts is the first book in Jean Holloway’s Deck of Cardz Series. You’ll find yourself either repelled or intrigued by the first few pages of this story, and as Ms. Holloway put it, “if you’re the second type, then you’re my kind of people!” This is a great thriller, and one that will have you on the edge of your chair from beginning to end. You can order here:




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