OTHER SIDES: An Anthology from Ergofiction

 Ergofiction Magazine, known for its support of webfiction and independent, experimental, and cutting edge writing from new talent is presenting its first anthology, Other Sides.     

This collection of paranormal tales runs the gamut of authors known in the online writing community.     

Here’s a blurb from the book:     

The advent of digital publishing has seen the rise of a new breed of writers: independent, experimental and unfettered by convention. This brand new anthology features a small sampling of these very writers, in a speculative fiction collection that will capture the imagination and dazzle the senses. The storytelling genius in this collection is most evidenced by its memorable characters: a young woman haunted by her ex-boyfriend’s clothes, a time-traveler with a suspicious interest in babies, a gender-changing alien desperate to heal a loved one… In these stories, fourteen independent authors display the imagination, insight and wonderful originality that characterizes the unique world of online fiction.  


Other Sides will be available on October 14, 2010. More info to come!   






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