Hailey’s Shadow

  Hailey’s Shadow is a different take on the idea of demon possession.

   Over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2008, I was toying around with a new story outline. I have always wanted to write  about a woman who was unbalanced, a sort of cat-and-mouse-game between a (supposedly) criminally ill patient and her doctor. 

     Enter the character of Hailey Patterson, a patient that defies “textbook” cases.  She’s committed arson, murder, and all sorts of evil-doing over the span of her life. But lack of evidence has kept her out of jail. Hailey’s assertion that she sees “shadows” — dark forms that appear and do bad things – has landed her a place in a psych ward.

   Dr. Adam Bennett is both intrigued and baffled by Hailey’s case. He decides to write a book about her. Adam is very sure that he can get to the truth,  discover the root of Hailey’s “delusion” regarding the shadows that she claims have stalked her since she was a child.

   Meanwhile, bad things are happening, just the way Hailey said they would….

                                                                          The book will be available through Lady Luck Publishing at the end of November. I’ll keep everyone updated about it.


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