The Shadows of Things

For those of you who write, do you ever feel like your characters are somewhere in the background, waiting to urge you on to someplace you’re not sure about?

I just finished one project and am in that odd limbo between stories. It’s probably the way most people feel about dating someone new after breaking a long relationship. Will this new guy like me? Will I find him interesting? And good grief, what are we going to say to each other?

There are choices galore, I just need to pick one. And maybe just learn to take a breath.

Meanwhile, great things are brewing on the editing side of the table. If you haven’t had time out yet, check out the two new serials, RIXAS DE SANGUE by N.M Faria  and Shells Walter’s The Gentleman’s Club   .  Both of these talented writers are putting out great work! I can promise you neither serial are like anything that you’ve seen before.

Mari Juniper’s Zombie Luv   has had a huge response, and I am enjoying getting a bite of all the stories this weekend. Drop by and have a read.

Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!


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