The RESURRECTION Contest on Flashes in the Dark started slow, but it’s in full throttle right now. Thanks to everyone that has contributed, we have a contest entry to post once a week through the beginning of July.

I am also working on a new Lazarus story. I wrote a novella about some characters in a desert town in central California back in the nineties. I am revisiting the history of the town and the ancestors of the characters in the original story. I’ve been working on it for about three weeks. It’s been fun, but I hope to be finished with the first version soon. The Lazarus stories are the only ones where I have written about zombies.

This story keeps me up at night! I have always been someone who dreams about certain stories when I write them, but this one is different.

I think zombies are gaining in popularity right now because they are unsettling. The opposite to the beautiful, sparkling vampire, zombies are gross, smelly, and mindless (or at least they are in most stories. I have seen some interesting re-tellings of the zombie mythos, so I’ll try not to be to heavy on the stereotypes).

And let’s face the really frightening part about zombies- we all return to dust.  Luckily none of us will have to face return to life post goo.

Then there is the zombie as a statement of apathy in society. It’s a very apt theme. It’s election time soon, and it crossed my mind today. How many people will vote? Or just settle for things as they are?

Interested in some good zombie fiction? Try out these links. Long or short, you’ll find them all entertaining:

Zoe Whitten  Zombie Punter:

Tonia Brown  The Blooming:

Graeme Reynolds  The Daily Commute

Kim Paffenroth’s Dying to Live

Michael A. Kechula The Woman Without the Red Dress

Jodi MacArthur Zombie

Mari Juniper  Zombie Walk

Derek Gunn   The Estuary


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