Okay, so I stole that title from singer/songwriter Jann Arden, but it seemed only fitting as I have so many developments to tell you about for the month of June:

On Flashes in the Dark, the RESURRECTION Contest is coming along nicely. This month you’ll see entries from Mari Juniper, Sean Monaghan, D.A. Hernandez, and Lee Hughes. Interested? We’re accepting submissions up until June 19th. See this for more details:

And speaking of Mari Juniper, she has banded together fellow authors Jodi MacArthur, Jim Wisneski, and myself for a zombie themed horror contest. More info for that later—-but yes, it takes place this month!

Shells Walters’ new serial, The Gentleman’s Club, premieres on Flashes in the Dark on June 18th, and will be posted every Friday. Nicci Faria’s serial, Rixas de Sangue, will go live on June 12, and will be posted on Saturday. Please show your support to these wonderful authors and their inventive work.

The first episode of the 2nd part of The Marradith Ryder Series goes live on June 9th.

Over the last two weeks, I have been working on a new project. Originally intended to be a short story, it seems to be shaping itself nicely into a novella. I’m very excited about it. Hopefully you will all be seeing it soon.

Speaking of good reading, check out author D.A Hernandez’s new work, Dividing Canaan :  The Journals of Canaan Quintanilla . The imagery is beautiful, and I’m sure D.A. will hook you .

Tony Smith’s new publication , GAY TERROR is coming out very soon. Check out his website for details:

Sonar4 Publications is currently accepting submissions for anthologies, novellas and novels. Check out the guidelines or enjoy browsing the titles for quality, affordable summer reading:

Remember to tune into Sonar4 this weekend when Tonia Brown and I interview author Pembroke Sinclair:

I hope your summer is off to a fun, safe, and relaxing start!


3 thoughts on “LIVING UNDER JUNE

  1. Lots of goodies here, Lori. I didn’t realise Shell Walters was starting a serial on Flashes. Very cool! Your new project sounds like fun. I’m looking forward to it.

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