All Things Twisted and Dark

Well it’s been a while since I posted, so for that, I do apologize!

There are multiple projects going right now, along with the regular daily drama everyone goes through. So let me update you on the good stuff:

I have been chosen as editor for Sonar4’s Twisted Fairytales v2. I’m excited about the project and hope that many of you submit.

For guidelines, go here:

Also, the RESURRECTION contest is on at Flashes in the Dark in full swing. Interested in submitting? Check us out here:

Last week, Tonia and I interviewed William Pauley III. We talked about Doom Magnetic, Toe Tags, The New Flesh, urban legends (we covered the Mothman and Tonia’s favorite, Bigfoot).  You can listen here:

Marradith Ryder episode 84 goes live today.  The second week in June will see the first episode of the new Marradith book, The Art of Shadows. If you haven’t followed the story up until now,  jump on in .

And speaking of serials, we have two new serials that will premiere on Flashes in the Dark in June. Look for Nicci Faria’s Rixas de Sangue starting on June 12th, and Shells Walter’s The Gentleman’s Club on June 18th. I hope that you’ll be as intrigued and entertained by both of these writer’s stories as I am.


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