Marradith Ryder: The Art of Shadows

This week’s episode is the beginning of the end:

As of next week there are only six episodes left to the first installment of The Marradith Ryder Series.

 The  new story will be called The Marradith Ryder Series:  The Art of Shadows, and will go live June 9, 2010. These episodes were written over the last six months. The story gets deeper and darker from here. There is more to learn about the supporting characters (Fiona, Daria, Rafael, and Shannon), and new characters being added to the mix as well. Secrets in Justin’s closet will rattle to the fore, and Marradith continues to grow and change. The story is revealing itself bit by bit, and I have been putting together the pieces.

The second half is also shaping up to have more action! You’ll learn more about The Sojourners as a group, and what sets them apart from their enemies, The Circle.

Sometimes, the differences are thinner than you might think…

If you got lost somewhere along the way, don’t fret! The stories will remain on the site for you to read anytime that you like. We have a new page set up for Marradith that will make it easy to pick up wherever you may have left off:    .

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to post them here, or on the story page. I get a message when comments are left, so I usually reply the same day.


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