Sonar4 Magazine Talk Radio Show (Guests for April – May 2010)

BlogTalk Radio only allows you to display the next three or four guests.  This saves space on our Show Page, but it doesn’t really help to achieve our goal of shameless promotion!

So, here’s a list of who we have already booked. We currently have guests in June as well, but, we’ll tell you about them as the dates draw closer.

April 11

Michael West: ( Author)  Skull Full of Kisses    6PM EST/3PM PST

April 18

Matthew Moses: (Author) Proxies of Fate  6PM ESt/3PM PST

April 25

Nancy Brauer: (co -Author) Tori’s Row 6pm EST/3pm PST

May 2

Brian Barnett: (Author) The State of Darkness 7PM EST/4PM PST

May 16

William Pauley III: (author) Doom Magnetic  6PM EST/3PM PST

May 23

Nye Joell: (Author) Crows of Bedu  6PM EST/3pm PST


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