The Sojourners & The Circle

The Others:  (meaning non-humans) vampires, werewolves, Immortals, demons and beings of “mixed” race such as Lamia. This also includes witches, even though they are humans, because they have been persecuted for their powers.

Lamia: A person whose mixed blood carries the genetic code of the three “major” races of “Others”: witch, wolf, and vampire. Lamia are powerful; but their abilities are highly unpredictable. Very few Lamia are alike, and through the ages, they were feared by humans and Others .

The Circle:  An ancient society whose roots are a mystery. Some believe The Circle may have pre-dated the time of The Crusades. Originally a small coven of “Others” who vowed to protect their kinds from extinction by humans, The Circle had a code of conduct and believed in preserving a balance between mankind and their own people. At some point, this changed. The Circle is now a huge network of Others who use their power and position not only to protect their existence, but to use against humans at any cost. Some of their means are overt, such as the killing of humans for sport.

 The Circle is also known to use more subtle forms of manipulation; financially supporting dictatorships, designing addictive drugs and diseases to use against humans, etc.

The Sojourners: The Sojourners started off as a “splinter group” of The Circle. The Sojourners believed in many of the old ideas that The Circle originally stood for, but with a twist; that The Others could exist in a state of peace with humans, as long as they did not reveal themselves publicly.

Not only that, but The Sojourners actually protect humans and Others from The Circle. Sojourners believe that the world is balanced between all beings, and that The Circle’s large scale interference in human affairs could ultimately bring about a catastrophic event.

The Book of the Others: A pieced together history of many of the known races of Others whose lives and experiences have been cataloged through the centuries. As part of any Sojourners training, they are required to read this book and familiarize themselves with this history. It’s particularly of use to a hunter like Marradith, who will need to know the strengths and weaknesses of these beings.

 The Theory of Hunting in Closed Spaces: One of the guiding principles of Sojourner’s beliefs. All the world is a closed space, and in the act of hunting, the hunter must respect that he is dependant upon the other beings that exist within the world. A good hunter does not kill for pleasure, but only for necessity. The numbers of human or Other should never be threatened to the brink of extinction. This is a particular belief of the Luki, the ancestors of the modern werewolf.

 Copyright: Lori Titus, 2009


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