Synopsis:  All those stories you’ve heard about the supernatural? They’re mostly true. Vampires exist. Werewolves exist. And they both come from human bloodlines and the magic of human witches. They live among us, and some of them mean to do harm.  Sometimes, a child is born with all three bloodlines. Witch. Werewolf. Vampire. And one of those children was Marradith Ryder…

Ryder-ology:  Marradith Ryder’s geneology, friends, enemies, and the study of her world.

Marradith Ryder: A 16 year old girl who has always had powers that she cannot explain, including an ability to manipulate electrical impulses. She is shocked to learn that she is a Lamia: a hybrid of werewolf, vampire, and witch.

Justin Granthem: An agent for a group known as The Sojourners. He looks about twenty, but he’s much older. And, he’s a werewolf. Justin is appointed as Marradith’s Protector, and a romance develops between the two.

Rafael Castillo: Justin’s boss. In the early episodes of the story he is often a voice on the other end  of Justin’s phone. Rafael is cold and ruthless, but his one soft spot is his wife.

Fiona Shepherd: Rafael’s wife, and a Shapeshifter. Fiona is able to change into any living thing she can imagine. She’s emotional and fiery, and has secrets. She becomes Danny’s Protector, and is also a teacher and a friend to Marradith. Fiona has many secrets, which will be revealed as the story unfolds.

Nora and Paul Ryder: Marradith, Danny, and Scott’s parents. You’ll find out more about Nora and Paul’s families as the story unfolds.

Scott Ryder:  The eldest of the Ryder sibblings, Scott is the black sheep of the family with good reason.  Unlike his sister, Scott grew up knowing all about the Sojourners and the fact that he is a Lamia. Unfortunatly, he decided not to be involved with the “good guys”.

Daniel “Danny” Ryder: The youngest of  the Ryder children, he’s quiet and introspective. He’s nine years old. He has a talent for music, plays the guitar and the piano. He has already begun to exhibit paranormal abilities, though his are different than Marradith’s. He was named for Nora’s uncle.

Caroline Meredith Ryder: Paul’s grandmother, and Marradith’s almost namesake. Paul wanted to name his only daughter after Caroline, but Nora wouldn’t have it. She settled on giving her daughter Caroline’s middle name, but with a different spelling: Marradith.  After Caroline’s death she haunts Leighton, but also serves as a spirit guide for Danny, who is a Medium.

Leighton:  A werewolf with an obsession with Marradith. The reasons why are revealed in episode 25. Leitghton is a multi-millionaire who gained wealth from starting the most successful gun company in the U.S. He’s also a drug smuggler. Leighton’s “associates” are constantly developing new recipes for more potent, quickly addictive drugs to sell to unwitting humans. Somewhere along the way Leighton developed his own addiction. He grows his own poppies in his greenhouse to support his opium habit. He is of German descent and has traveled the world. He speaks several languages. That is, when he’s not too high to remember them…

Sydney “Syd” Thorn: Leighton’s dear friend and confidante. Leighton never knew the Wolf that made him, and Syd  stepped into that role of Father figure when Leighton needed it. Syd is slick, well spoken,  and still retains his British accent after years of living away from Blackpool, where he was born. Syd’s favorite power is mind control, which he exerts often.

Jenny Winslow: Syd took Jenny hostage and made her wolf after killing her husband. She escaped Syd’s clutches.  She craves human flesh, and makes a rampage through the streets of Los Angeles, looking for a way to quecnch her cravings.

Bruce Green: Syd’s right hand man, Bruce Green was once an international attorney with homes in Japan, Australia, and China. He was made werewolf back in the mid eighties, when he came into contact with a group of  Japanese businessmen who called themselves The Wolves (or in Japanese, the Urufu).  Bruce was also one of Keiko Yasuko’s boyfriends in the early 1990’s.

William “Will” Keyes: Will is an upstart. He had a hard knock life as a kid, but managed to get a scholarship to college. He became a talented computer programmer, making money hand over fist and eventually starting his own company. It was his hobby- computer hacking- that  got him into trouble.  A  wrong turn into a classified government database revealed highly sensitive information, including the name and placement of members of  The Circle operating within the American government. This brought Bruce and Syd to his door, with the CIA in close pursuit.  A series of events take place that free Will from Syd. In order to be protected from him, Will decides to join the Sojourners.

The Circle: An evil assoociation of Others (non-humans: Werewolves, ShapeShifters, Vampires, etc.) who benefit from the peril or destruction of mankind. When they began, their only goal was to keep their existence secret from humans and ensure the continuation of  their species. Over time, they became entrenched in human affairs, gaining power over the government and sometimes over the media.

The Sojourners:  Originally a part of The Circle, Sojourners believe in a balance between humans and Others (which include vampires, werewolves, witches, Lamia, and other races of beings). They believe in shielding the existence of Others, but also feel their people should abide by human law, limiting their killing to the underbelly of society: killers, rapists, etc. The Sojourners also protect humans and Others who have been targeted by The Circle.

The Graymoor:  A group of ShapeShifters who consider themselves seperate from both humans and Others. Fiona was originally raised under the Graymoor, but escaped their clutches as a young girl.

Shannon Vega: A reporter for a small television station in Marradith’s Texas hometown. Shannon has more than one reason to follow the story behind Marradith Ryder’s dissapearance.

 Ryan Doherty: Local police detective, friend and lover to Shannon. He fears that Shannon’s safety and his own has been compromised by her need to find the truth about Marradith and her family.

 Keiko Yasuko: A California girl who became vampire in order to perserve her youth and beauty. Made vampire in 1989 when she was 20, she traveled to Japan, where she met Bruce, Syd, and Leighton. Keiko uses her beauty to lure her victims. Life is an endless party, and the more blood, the better. In later times, Keiko meets Scott Ryder.  Their on and off love affair is part of what keeps Scott tied to his amoral activities, and will have far reaching effects.

Daria Matthews:  A former protegee of Justin Grathem, Daria was only twenty two when she was made vampire, six years ago, which makes her a virtual infant amongst her peers.  She joined The Sojourners almost immediatly after, looking for some structure in what felt like a world gone mad. She is not a “vegetarian”— she takes her sustenance through sex and sometimes blood bank blood, but she’s also been known to kill humans when the fancy strikes.  An only child who was alienated from the little family she had once she was “turned”,  she has a sort of brother/sister bond with Justin, and she develops a friendship with Marradith as well.

Miranda Abeyta  Stepmother to Shannon Vega, and widow of Pablo, there is a long history behind this character.  More of her story will be told in Book II of the Series. Miranda also has two sons from a marriage before Pablo.

Alejandro :  The youngest son of Miranda, and stepson to Pablo Vega.

Evan:  A Soujourner and a close friend to Paul Ryder, Evan is an earthbound demon called a Sidhari. This form of demon can control vampires with their blood in much the same way a vampire can control a human. He uses this ability to interrogate and sometimes torture vampires.


 Copyright, 2009 Lori Titus


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